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de Baat

Helping dancers build resilient minds and bodies for long lasting careers!



I'm Akeisha, your dance coach that is passionate about helping you create + move longer!

Using my dance background, love for fitness, and lessons I've learned along the way, 
I help other dance artists stay in their passion longer!



Provides dancers world wide with strength and conditioning to support their physical lifestyle and careers. 


Takes the guess work out of strength & conditioning, making it easy & accessible.


Get access to with access to monthly workouts, experts, artistic training, and interviews. 


Plus, connects you to a rad community supporting your artistic journey and lifestyle.


I want to make it simple for you to build strength not only in your body but also your mind. 


What dancers are saying


This program was great in that it gave me something to follow (without having to put a workout together myself) and having a support system was HUGE! I have learned a lot about myself from going through the program. I am stoked to be feeling stronger than I was before and would strongly recommend to other dancers.

What's inside


Monthly workout plans

Say good-bye to Pinterest

all those workout pins!

Leave the planning up to us. With monthly workout plans you'll be able to focus on keeping your entire body strong, able, & mobile for years to come.

Workshops & Trainings

Bonus workouts for those "problem areas" + workshops/trainings to develop an expansive and healthy mindset so you are equipped to create the career you desire!

Support & Accountability

You're not alone!

Access to monthly group calls and our members-only Facebook group to ask questions, connect with artist, and attend live trainings, Q&As, plus more!


Resilient Dancer

We are ready for you! 

 $20 USD

1 Month Trial

Come join us for a month. Try out one of our workouts and join the community for a month, risk-free.
Click below to get started.

 $34 USD /month 

Resilient Dancer

Full access to everything.
-Group calls
and more


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