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Beyond thestatus quofor the mind, body,and spirit health!

A world where the dominant and normal vibration is to experience ease, joy and glory!

It’s time to create this within our own realities and let it be the light that shines bright!

What would you like to see your body and you experience in this lifetime and beyond?

What future lights you up to see?

Everything is impossible! 

Let's dive in and bring those to fruition.

Celebrating YOU!

If you get the sense that something else is possible, yet struggle to release from the current status quo, you are in the right place!

Learn and deepen your practice to create the space that’s being asked to connect, listen and cultivate ease, joy, and glory for our bodies and beings!


Now more than ever you are ready to jump, leap, and fly into your brilliance.

For you andyour Body'sFuture

Clearing limitations programmed deep into the fascial networks of our bodies and beyond into your energy bodies is where we go here, so that you can take inspired action along the manifestation journey into actualizing

 your asks over and over again!

This isn’t about being right or

wrong in this world, it’s about creating

what brings you joy, enthusiasm, and tranquility!

“When you BE YOU it feels like nothing, it’s undefinable” - Dr. Dain Heer

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About Me

Creation obsessed

Multi Passionate

Energy worker for the future

I'm Akeisha, I'm not your average facilitator. With a background in dance and a knack for exploring energetic vibes, our sessions are all about mixing it up with movement, body smarts, and a heap of consciousness.

Together, we're on a mission to add more ease, joy, and glory to your amazing beings and body. This work is a unique combination and exploration of years diving into energy, bodies, and movement.

I'm totally sold on the idea that we're way more powerful than society gives us credit for. So, I'm cranking up that power for myself and extending the invite to you.

Here's the deal: once we've got that power turned up, we might need to shake off some junk programming. It's like a wild ride, choosing pathways that lead to a future packed with abundance and enjoyment for every living and breathing creature—yes, HUMANS included!

Work togehr

What I Offer

Start Here

Coffee Break

On The Socials

Instagram: Whatever I got going on, I usually post about it here first!


Contributions Telegram group - If you are looking to get to know me and the work I do, I drop lots of free audios, videos, and questions in my private Contributions telegram group!


Let this space inspire you and add energy to your ask, creations, and futures! 

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Private Facilitation

Wellness Coach

Joyous Body Experience

In our personalized one-on-one sessions, we'll delve into an exploration of your current experiences and reveal your true ask for your body, being, business and or life.

Working collaboratively, we'll address any restricting thoughts, feelings, and emotions that might hinder your progress, including those ingrained in your fascial nets—a vital part of your body's communication network. By freeing yourself from these limitations, you'll attain clarity and the capacity to take inspired action with confidence and joy effortlessly.

Declutter Your Mind


Access Bars

Unlocking tranquility is just a touch away—literally! Dive into one of the most powerful tools for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and the chaos of a scattered mind.


Embrace the magic of 32 points on the head, activating your body's natural intelligence, providing a gateway to a state of tranquil clarity.

Enroll in a One-Day Certification Class

Dr. G, Naturopath & Accupunturist

"I left our session with tools that I could use any time I felt tension come up in my body. And I use them all the time!"

It's All Possible For YOu

I see the brilliance you are! I see you creating for and in your life that ripples this magnetic difference by simply being you. In being you, I see this joy and difference you have with your body and what you, your body, and the universe co-creates together.

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