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Access Consciousness

Empowering people to know what they know! ®

As a Certified Access Bars Facilitator (BF), welcome to my teaser of Access for you!

Since learning about Access Bars in 2017 and consciously practicing the tools of Access since 2018, I honestly can say my life has changed for the better.

Life is more joyful, easier, and playful in all aspects of my life! 

Check out how you can get your bars run and/or become a practitioner!

Plus I've added my affiliate links to books, and linked up my favourite podcast episodes!

As the mantra in Access goes

"Everything in life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory."®

Have fun!

Have you had your bars run?

Getting your bars run is a process done, by lying on a table and a practitioner gently touches 32 points on your head. 


The process releases the electrical charge that holds thoughts, feelings, and emotions around all topics of our lives!

Common side effects:

- Less stress

- Decluttered mind

- Deeply relaxed

- More ease and space 

- More joy in your life

I'd love to run your bars for you!

Email to book a session with me! Email

Note: Current Location is Puerto Vallarta ,Mx.

Find a practitioner near you, click here.

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Become a practitioner

As a Bars Facilitator (BF) I am excited to offer Bars Classes for those excited to learn how to run bars and more about Access and the tools! ​

You learn how to run bars and some of the best beginner Access tools to start expanding your life.

No experience needed!

Head to my website to create a class or join a scheduled class!

Email to request/create a class!

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Shop Access Consciousness

Step into the world of Access Consciousness through their amazing selection of books, telecalls, recorded classes and much more! 

Check out the selection of my top favourite picks to get started!

Start shopping


Use this link to shop and further increase your awareness and empowerment to know what you know! Creating a life that is full of possibilities, joy, and play!

Shop Here

Book and Headphones
Access as been noted in various media around the world!
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Screenshot 2022-04-01 132215.jpg
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For everything Access Consciousness head over to the official website.

Click Here

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