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Access Facelift®️

Non-invasive approach to the fountain of youth!

What is an Access Energetic Facelift?

The Access Facelift®️ is a body process that deeply relaxes the body and activates the body's own healing process. 

Allowing the body to rejuvenate and turn back the signs of aging.

It's about connecting back to your natural glow, youthfulness, and beauty. 

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What does a session look like?


Non surgical

No products 

This gentle process is done by gentling touching different spots from the top of the chest all the way up to the head. 

You will emerge from a facelift with a sense of peace, deep relaxation, and in many cases have noticeable changes in your body and face after 1 session. 

There is no required amount of sessions needed to see a difference. 

Some people have seen permanent changes occur anywhere from 1 to 20 session. 

Who is this for?

An energetic facelift is for anyone looking to feel more vibrant, youthful and energized!

It can also be an amazing process to increase over all wellness and assist with any creating more ease in the body. 

If you work with clients in any capacity, the energetic facelift maybe something to consider learning. 

You can learn the process in 1Day and is fully certifiable and insurable. 

Check out Access Consciousness website to find a facilitator near you.

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