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Fit by Akeisha
Launch Party

supporting the most amazing launch ever!

Quick Launch Party Details 

What Are Our Targets?

unlocking success before we launch

1000 Subscribers


4000 mins of views

100 Members

Fit by Akeisha

fitness. wellness. joy

Home Based Workouts


Dance & Movement


Did you...?


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You're a rock star! 

Below is all the launch party details, how to help the channel grow,  reach our targets, and enter the giveaway for prizes!

How The  Launch Party  Works


More momentum = more chances for the giveaway

Every action you take you get points.
Each point = number of times your name goes in for the draw. 

No limit to the number of points you can receive!

We are super grateful to have your support and we
want to show that appreciation! 

#1 You Subscribed & Registered

3 points

Sign up Form

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#2 Tell A Friend

5 points - they HAVE to put our name in the

"friends who referred you section"

Send a friend this page link or the sign up link:

Sign up Form

#3 Become A Member

10-20 points (based on membership tier)

Consider supporting the channel through either a donation to help Akeisha and the team develop and bring you their very best. 
(10 points)


Become a channel month/annual member.
Now until Launch Date TBD
(mid September)
Join the EARLY BIRD special
Details coming soon
(15-20 points)

#4 Enjoy the Content!

5 points per video you comment on - until launch

close date (roughly 30 days)

Enjoy all the weekly content.

Comment on what you love! 

Consider becoming a monthly member and continue to build have fun working on your mind, body, and spirit!

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Become A Member

access to private classes, content, and much more

More details coming soon!

WELLNESS (1).png

Fit By Akeisha 

A new YouTube fitness and wellness channel launching in Mid September 2024!

Akeisha is combining her passions together to bring you 2 videos a week. Every week we will drop a workout video and 1 of the following: stretch, dance/fun movement, or meditation. 

Maybe she'll drop 3 who knows! 

Help her bring this new creations to life by joining our Launch Party. Set the channel up for success and enter to in various prizes. 

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