Develop The Strength To Make It FEEL As Easy As You Make It Look!


Build strength to support the physicality of your work. 

Decrease aches and pains felt from your active lifestyle. 

Increase the energy you have to go from rehearsal, to class, to serving or teaching!


Designed For The Dancer By A Dancer 

Strength training is becoming one of the BEST cross-training practices for dancers!

Through the Resilient Program we work to build dynamic strength while honouring the dancer and what  the creative process may ask of us! 


✔ 3 Full Workout Plans!

✔ Instructional videos to ensure you are performing at your absolute best. 

✔ Tracking sheets and program materials!

✔ Bonus - Stretch by Akeisha breakdowns to help you release
excess tension and create more space in the body so that you can enhance all areas of your life!

Does strength training or cross training scare you?

I understand, I was skeptical at first too! 
I danced anywhere from 20-30 hours a week dancing and was serving/teaching for about 25 hours! 
I often thought, " I do enough, I'm strong, there are other issues." 

Sound familiar?
A couple years ago I noticed that I was spending $85-$120 every other week at the physio office. 

 Pilates didn't fit my schedule or budget and
Yoga was actually painful at times.

The pain and aches I was feeling were NOT getting better. 
I had to find something that worked for me, for my body and for my life!


My life has never been then same since I did that first deadlift and completed my first full program! 


  • Can I do this from home?

    Yes! The majority can be adapted for at home if you get a little creative. For at home equipment see

  • If I don't have equipment will I still benefit.

    Yes. Many of the members get creative. Some have modified using stools, chairs, outdoor benches and a backpack full of books for some of the exercises. Minimal equipment requirement are resistance bands! Check out my equipment packages to get you started!

  • I have an injury can I still participate?

    I will always say listen to your body and physiotherapist, unless they are someone who tells you to do nothing but rest and not move. The workouts are designed to be adaptable so there is potential to participate, learn, grow and get stronger all while adapting the exercises and adding in physio routines to create a custom workout to you ! Again, listen to your body and physio guidelines! Feel free to book a call to chat about your options.

  • How much time will the workouts take?

    Each workout will take you about 60-75minutes. Focusing on your strength and making consistent progress will be an adjustment if you aren't used to spending time on it, but I promise you it will get easier. Inside the program, we go over how to manage your time, adapt and make the most out of each workout!

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