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A letter to 2022 - Reflections

As 2023 is only hours away from us, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on 2022!

A lot happened this year! A lot of good and a lot of bad. If I position myself in that there is no right or wrong, good or bad, there is what there is and the collective is creating everything we experience based on what they are choosing and how they are showing up energetically I can see everything as a gift, a lesson, a form of information, and it becomes a bit easier to embrace 2022!

From a personal note, it has been one the most, fast pace, aligned, choose what’s light for me and trust the process years of my life! As I reflect on my personal choices this year, I can see that well before 2022 I was building momentum and laying the foundations for what was to come to me this year! For example, 2018 I start the healing work around relationships and stumbling through my beliefs about love, marriage, partnership etc. This work created a solid foundation and ease when my now husband and I got together in January - Married in May and moved our lives out of Canada in September!

What did you receive this year that when you zoom out just a bit you can recognize the foundation you were cleaning up and laying down?

I also started another online business career that, I have to admit, has not gone as expected, and in that I see where my expectations were getting in the way and my beliefs have been blocking me from truly stepping into the business model and enjoying the path, the journey, and what this financial asset as to offer me and anyone else who joins !

What stories have you been playing, on repeat, that have been keeping you stuck in a position and seeing the same results and by the way no results is still a result?

Moving my life abroad and to Mexico to start has not been easy? I have been using the Access Consciousness mantra “everything comes to me with ease, joy and glory” a lot. Nothing goes as planned here and can become extremely frustrating and exhausting at times, but I continue to love the choice for coming here and know WHY I came here in the first place! So repeating that mantra allows me to approach everything with a bit more ease and flow than reaction and angst. It’s been an amazing practice in flowing with the energy. Now this isn’t to say, I’ve just layed back and done nothing. It’s actually much more nuanced than that. I see it and embrace it in a way that is recognizing what my asks are, allowing the universe to guide me to the place or person I require to get the answer or next step, to understand there are so many moving parts and that as long as I am doing what I can do, and I’m allowing the universe to do what it needs to do it will work out, and it is working out! I’m prepared and ready for when that missing piece, or awaiting task can be completed! We all contribute to each other and we are all weaving the fabric of our reality !

Where can you allow the universe to work for you? Where can you allow the moving parts to move and give space and breath so everything you desire can align as if by magic and magically for you?

There have been a lot of lessons in the last few months - I put myself so far out of the comforts of my home country that it has brought up a lot of limiting beliefs and I’m ready to thank them for the role they play and what they have shown me and taught me. And the gift of awareness and willingness to leap forward and begin to carve, practice, have faith, take action on new beliefs & new actions so that I can experience what I’ve been saying I’ve wanted all along.

2022 you have been full of life, and I have so much appreciation for all that you have brought me and the collective!

I hope by sharing my 2022 appreciation and reflections there were some nuggets of value for you!

I’m curious to know what has come up for you in your own reflections?

If you are someone who likes giving the year a word(s), here is my 2023 word

Commitment - I look forward to sharing more about what this world means for me in future videos and throughout the year! And I look forward to the hard work at developing this “muscle”

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here with me! If you found nuggets of value in here let me know by sharing your reflections and word for 2023 via email, comment on this post! Thank you 2022 & Happy 2023!!!!

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