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What do you desire? What are your asks for your life?
Let's melt away barriers that are keep that from actualizing!


What is a Symphony Session?

A Symphony session is best experienced versus explained! Working with the energetics and the molecules of what you are asking for so that we can shift and change what is required in your body and subtle body. These shifts create the space and ease so that what you desire can actualize and show up in your life or the world! 

Who is a Symphony for?

Anyone looking to create change in their life and or their body!
This process is dynamically different for each person 

Private Session

A private session allows you to go deeper and release and melt what is keeping you stuck, so that you can receive what you desire and ask for in your life. 


What contribution to you, your body, and your life could this session be?
Let's find out together!

15-60 mins
Training price $75 CAD *until July 2023


let's work together

Try it out

In my private telegram group I pop in every month and gift mini SOP virtual sessions.

Click here to join 


Group Sessions

Gather friends in person or virtual to receive group tasters! These session last anywhere from 30-45 minutes and offer a taste into the possibilities of the Symphony energies! 

Coming together is a powerful way to increase the energy and create even more change for each other and the world as a whole! 

If you are curious, please email me to start the creative conversation ! 



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