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About Me

Creation obsessed

Multi Passionate

Energy worker for the future

Hey there, lovely souls! I'm Akeisha,  I'm on a mission to bring greater awareness to the planet. 

This work I do? It's like weaving a tapestry of my years diving into energy, bodies, and movement. I'm deeply convinced that we are way more potent than society gives us credit for, and I'm all about owning that power for myself and inviting you to do the same.

So here's the deal – in order to unleash that power, we might need to kick out some junk programming that's holding us back. Together, we can wildly choose pathways that lead to a future filled with abundance and enjoyment for all living and breathing creatures (yes, humans too!).

My heart has always been in movement – the way bodies dance through space gets me pumped. I'm thrilled to work with you, helping you access more space and possibilities not just for your beautiful being or soul, but for your body too!

More About Me

My journey in movement started with a passionate love affair with dance and evolved from there. I've delved into various contemporary dance techniques, embraced Countertechnique to create freedom in the body, dabbled in Assisted Stretch Therapy, and immersed myself in energetic processes through Access Consciousness as a licensed Access Bars® Facilitator and Symphony of Possibilities® practitioner.

After years of assisting people with everything from bodily aches to reigniting their love for movement, I've noticed a beautiful theme emerging. It always circles back to this unique blend of fascial networks, movement tools, and energetics that sparks transformation. Clients began forging new relationships with their bodies and everyday experiences.

Now, as I embark on this new chapter of my own life, I'm pumped to bring you an experience that fuses the seen and unseen. It's about gaining clarity not just in your life tasks but in your body too.

My wish? That through our work together, you start shedding the judgment shackles and fully embrace the brilliance and design of your amazing body! If our realities are shaped by thoughts, feelings, and emotions, then we can absolutely uncreate what our bodies are holding onto and craft an entirely different experience, and thus, reality.

So, whatever you're asking for in your life, it's time to ask boldly. I can't wait to join you, your beautiful being, and that incredible body of yours on this transformative journey.


Let's make magic happen!

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