Hi, Akeisha here! 

Yup, just like the tree!

Movement Facilitator- performer - educator - fascial stretch therapist - choreographer - producer - 

I grew up dancing just like many of you coming across this page! I studied heavily in Ballet  and Modern Techniques.

Fun fact, I totally thought I was going to be a dental hygienist, but life would have it a different way!

I graduated from SFU SCA with my dance degree in 2014 and for 5 years co-directed WAREHAUS dance collective. My practice today is heavily influenced by Countertechnique and it often comes into my other practices and especially Resilient Dancer workouts, to assist their movement! 

Fitness came to me after years of suffering from injuries & overuse problems. In 2017, I suffered a foot injury that took me out of dance for almost 6 months. In 2018, after years of imbalance, fatigue, and compensation I was forced to take another 3 months off dance to correct my body and build back the strength to function as a normal human! 

When I'm not dancing or coming up with the next Resilient Dancer workouts, I'm probably catching up on my TV favs (sucker for action and medical shows), making homemade cards, and drinking far too much coffee! 


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