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Hi There

My name is Akeisha - like the tree!

Movement Facilitator 

- performer - educator - fascial stretch therapist - choreographer - producer - 


Since graduating from SFU SCA with my dance degree I continue to travel and seek more knowledge and perspectives on movement. Countertechnique and modern foundations continue to be the driving forces behind my practice and movement. 

Fitness came to me after years of suffering from injuries & overuse problems. In 2017, I suffered an extensive foot injury that took me out of dance for almost 6 months. In 2018, after years of imbalance, fatigue, and compensation I was forced to take another 3 months off dance to correct my body and build back the strength to function as a normal human! 

When I'm not dancing or coming up with the next Resilient Dancer workouts, I'm probably catching up on my TV favs (Greys Anatomy of course), making homemade cards, and drinking far too much coffee!