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Access Bars®️

1 Day Class

Class Schedule 2024

Become a certified Access Bars®️ practitioner. 

Hey there! Imagine being part of something truly amazing—contributing to your community, network, and the world in such a special way. It's like giving the world a big dose of ease, joy, space, peace, and calm. How cool is that?

Guess what? You don't need any special superpowers to learn the Bars process. It's for everyone! And get this—kids under 15 years old can join for free when they come with an adult.

So, here's the lowdown on the one-day class (about 6-7 hours). We'll kick things off around 9:30/10 am and wrap up by 5:30/6 pm.

During the day, you'll:

  • Learn the ins and outs of the Bars process.

  • Experience the Bars process not once, but twice.

  • Give the Bars process to someone else twice.

  • Dive into the manual they'll give you (plus, you get two head charts).

  • And, of course, have a blast!

By the end of it all, you'll walk away with a certification, officially becoming a new practitioner.

Now, let's talk investment:

For NEW Practitioners/participants:

  • $440 USD

  • $450 CAD

  • $7500 MXN

For Repeat Practitioners:

  • $225 CAD

  • $220 USD

  • $3750 MXN

Imagine the positive vibes and growth waiting for you in this transformative experience. It's like hanging out with friends while leveling up in life. Can't wait to see you there!

Up Coming Classes

Private Bars Class

Reserve an exclusive Bars class tailored for you and a companion or a select group of friends and family, either within the confines of your private residence or at a chosen venue of your preference.

Minimum two participants must enroll pay in full for the class.


Vancouver 2024

_WELLNESS (1).jpg


Where: Vancouver BC
333nergy Studio, 345 W Broadway, Vancouver​

When: June 16, 2024

Time: 10am-6pm

How to Sign Up:

  1. Register by clicking [here].

  2. To secure your spot please pay by Thursday June 13th

What do I need:
- Water bottle
- You're beautiful self!
- light snack will be provided


Payment Options:


Refund policy:

  • 48hr plus full refund-

  • 24hrs 50% refund-

  • less than 24hrs no-refund

Puerto Vallarta

_WELLNESS (1).jpg

Currently Via Request

Where: Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit
(Private residence, location details will be only given to those who pay & register for class

When: TBD

Time: 10am-6pm

How to Sign Up:

  1. Register by clicking [here].

  2. Secure your spot by making the payment before Wednesday, Feb. 21. Payment options are available in the registration form and follow-up email.

  3. New Participants create a free account on the Access Conscious Website 

  4. Once you complete the registration, I'll sign you up on my end and make it official!

What do I need:
- Water bottle
- Bathing Suit/ Towle (may have time for a lunch swim)
- You're beautiful self!

*light, healthy snacks and beverages will be provided. Bring lunch or money to grab lunch near by*

Other Fun Creations

Pop ups and Intro Classes

What the heck is Access Bars? Click here to learn more.
What's in store once you take a class?


How do I register for the class?

For 2024 Classes, Registration will be done in 3 Steps
Some classes will be posted on the Access Site and some will be done
privately. Regardless you will be a certified practitioners. 

Private registration (not publicly posted on the Access Site)

  • Step 1: Registation Link above.

  • Step 2: Payment to secure your spot and manual please send payment by posted request. Payment options will be in registration form and follow up email. 

  • Step 3: Create FREE account on the Access Conscious Website *if you have an account already, let me know* (details also included in registration form)

  • Step 4: I will register you on my backend once registration is complete. 

Public Registration
Step 1: Register for class through Access Website
Step 2: Pay for clas
s through private payment link

How do I sign my child up for a class?

After you made a free account on the Access Site you can create a "Sub Account" for your child under 15 yrs old and register them for the class. This makes sure they get their own unique manual and classes count from them too. 

How do I pay?

There are payment links sent in an email you receive after you register. You can also contact Akeisha via email with more payment inquiries. 

Where are the classes being held?

If venue isn't listed, Akeisha is working hard to secure one. As always things happen and a venue change my occur last minute. We will email you if anything changes!

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