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Access Bars®️

1 Day Class

July 2023 

Sunshine Coast July 17th
Vancouver  July 22nd
Abbotsford July 23rd

Become a certified Access Bars®️ practitioner. 

What a gift it is to bring this tool to your community, network, and the world as a whole. To be willing to create more ease, joy, space, peace and calm in the world and be part of the change in creating more awareness and choice in the world!


Anyone can learn the Bars process. There are no prerequisites or need for “special abilities.”

Kids are welcome to join and are FREE under 15yrs old when in attendance with an adult. 


The class is 1 Day (6-7 hrs). 


What is involved in the class?


The class will run 9:30-5/5:30 both days.

What the day looks like:

  • Learn the Bars process 

  • You will receive Bars process 2x

  • Give the Bars process to someone 2x

  • Go through the manual with you, which you will receive, plus 2 head charts

  • Have way to much fun!

At the end of the day you will receive your Certification and become a new practitioner.

What is the cost?

$360 CAD or $180 Repeat

What the heck is Access Bars? Click here to learn more.

We plan to be adding a Bars mini workshop & other additional classes, sign up for my email list or follow along on my socials !

Vancouver Class

Abbotsford Class

Sunshine Coast


How do I register for the class?

The links above will bring you to the Access Consciousness Website where you will register for the class. You will have to make a FREE account on their site to register. 

How do I sign my child up for a class?

After you made a free account on the Access Site you can create a "Sub Account" for your child under 15 yrs old and register them for the class. This makes sure they get their own unique manual and classes count from them too. 

How do I pay?

There are payment links sent in an email you receive after you register. You can also contact Akeisha via email with more payment inquiries. 

Where are the classes being held?

Final venues will be confirmed by June. 

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