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Are we thinking long term enough?

I was getting my Bars®️ run the other day with my friend and magical business coach and fellow Bars Facilitator Dr. Andrea Greiner and I were talking about FUTURES. What futures are being created right now by people, leaders, members of society, etc? Do the futures we perceive align with what we actually hope and desire for? And, if not, what can we choose, BE, and put into action that would allow that to shift and change? Then Andrea asked a questions that blew me away!

If we lived to 200 years old, how would we be, and what would we be choosing?

Wow, can we take a moment to ponder this question? Get a sense of what that would look like for you? For me I'd be doing things a bit differently! My brain already doesn't comprehend why leaders act the way they do on a global scale or how so many amazing inventions and innovations are allowed to be blocked and hauled when they challenge the status quo and have a positive impact on people, animals, and the planet on a larger scale then a bank statement. (ok that was my personal opinion and points of views, you could see differently) What also stands out is the ask and the action. Oftentimes the incongruence.

We often see incongruence within our personal worlds. You know the, "what are your goals vs what are you actually doing to achieve them" kind of deal. So maybe our personal incongruence is a direct correlation to what we create on a larger scale? - something else to ponder???? However, when I think 200 years from now, what get's stirred up the most, in my world, is the incongruence of health. Without going down the rabbit hole of how we have created our health systems, money, greed, negligence, propaganda etc. etc. etc. (I do encourage a good dive though if it's light for you). I would like to use this as an example of how using the questions could ask of you to possibly create different choices and awareness in your own life and then globally.

How are we setting up 200years from now the concept of HEALTH? --Do you see actions and choice that empower or disempower the body?

--Do you see actions and choices that create less than or greater than 200 yrs? I could go on, but this isn't an essay. I am intrigued by these questions,

"If I lived till 200, what would I choose now and for the future?"


"How would I like to experience the world, this planet, and its people?"

What are your thoughts on this question or any of these questions posed in this blog?

Have a magical day friends!

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